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Architects in nature

Birds are one of nature’s many architects, intertwining collected materials to form nests large enough to lay eggs—a skill not learned but instinctual. It’s not just about having the talent to build the nest, but also the ability to locate secure areas to house their nests.

Even more intriguing, after all the hard work of crafting their nests, birds do not return to the same ones. Some may nest in the same area again, but the previous nests are not reused.

Much like humans, birds seem to have their own aesthetic taste. While most nests follow a similar structure, no two are identical copies. This ongoing series is an attempt to document the unique craftsmanship of birds.

Disclaimer: Each nest is abandoned before being photographed and returned to its original location. Most photographs are captured via iPhone, and general locations will be documented. Photographs are sorted newest to oldest.

Reading, Pennsylvania
Reading, Pennsylvania
Reading, Pennsylvania
Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

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