My name is Michael Warren.

I write songs.
I make art and design.
I do not do math.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs. It's the only place I've ever called home. It's absolutely gorgeous here. Four seasons, mountains, rivers, creeks, hot babes, hot dudes, great schools and amazing food. Sometimes it gets too hot and sometimes it gets too cold, but that's just Northeastern USA. You deal with it. The point is, Philadelphia is a badass place rich in history—history you may not even know about. Did you know that Philadelphia was once the capital of the United States?

You're probably wondering how a badass city like Philly couldn't keep the capital status. Well, simply put, we were too badass. The 1783 Philadelphians literally scared the shit out of the Congressmen meeting at Independence Hall. Angry and unpaid—probably not sober—troops from that little Revolution marched down Broad Street and blockaded Congress in the state house. With armed muskets and cheesesteaks in hand, the Philadelphians demanded pay.

"You wanted to win the Revolution? We gave you the win! Now pay us youse sons of bitches." That conversation probably went something like that. We are a proud people after all.

Even after a young Alexander Hamilton cooled the situation, Congress still tucked their tails and ran off to Princeton, New Jersey. On the same night! Talk about making an impact. Three years later Congress would eventually return to Philly but things were never the same. They were out of here within the next few years.

The City of Brotherly Love is really just misunderstood. Did we throw batteries at Santa? Sure. Did we riot when the Birds won the Super Bowl? Yeah. Are we home of the Broad Street Bullies? Absolutely. Did our historic neighbors scare the shit out of Congress? Yes. But look, that's over. It's fine. Move past it.

So back to me. When I'm not working, you can find me writing for Designed Space, a digital publication that shares the physical studio spaces of artists and designers. Every article posted contains photos of the studio space, a written synopsis of the studio, and an interview with the founders. I curate, write, and design every article. My Italian friend, Manu, keeps the website code squeaky clean. It's not a lucrative project and is surely a ton of extra work, but every article posted feels like a victory. Read it, please?

You have safely reached the end.

Many thanks for making it this far. Next steps? Please introduce yourself. I love meeting new people. Even if you don't have a project to work on, send me a note. We can swap a book or album recomendation.

You can also find me living outside Pennsylvania on Instagram, Spotify and Twitter. Don't forget to visit Designed Space and say hi to Manu since he's such a nice guy.